2024-2025 Citizen Review Panels

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Please list agencies for which you are a volunteer, Board member, fundraising committee member and/or financially support: please_list_agencies_for_which_you_are_a_volunteer_board_member_ textfield
I am currently a United Way supporter. i_am_currently_a_united_way_supporter_ checkbox
I am available to serve as a Finance Member of a panel: i_am_available_to_serve_as_a_finance_member_of_a_panel_ checkbox
I am available to serve as a Panel Chair: i_am_available_to_serve_as_a_panel_chair_ checkbox
Please list any dietary restrictions: dietary_restrictions textfield
Basic Needs Panel - May 1st, 2nd basic_needs_panel_april_25th_26th_27th checkbox
Health Panel - April 29th, 30th financial_stability_panel_may_4th_5th checkbox
Okeechobee Panel - May 7th okeechobee_panel_may_9th_10th_11th checkbox
Citizen Review Panel Registration citizen_review_panel_registration webform_entity_print_attachment:pdf